When the sexual desires of a clergyman in a village lead to a tragic incident, it is only a brave 12-year-old boy who defies all odds and stands against the powerful clergyman, his own brother, and the villagers. The story takes on a richer dimension when Abbas, the son of a wealthy landlord from Churcheh and Asyeh’s neighbor, takes an interest in Asyeh’s well-being and becomes her protector. Sattar and Abbas, whose families and villagers have long been bitter enemies, form an unlikely friendship and alliance.

    The plot becomes more complex and tense with the sudden disappearance of Sattar and Asyeh. Sattar is perceived as a ghost-like figure representing an elf and a malevolent spirit that abducts people at night, with many disappearances being attributed to him. In the face of these events, Abbas takes matters into his own hands, vowing to seek revenge for Asyeh. He resorts to violence, killing a few individuals, and ultimately amasses wealth and power, transforming himself into a mysterious figure of many fronts.  

    Abbas’s adventures reach a climax as he becomes an outlaw, defying the established norms of society. Just when it seems his life has taken an expected turn, an unusual and unexpected twist occurs.

…در باره نویسنده


در جستجوی عش