Biography: Ata Servati, is a spiritual prize-winning international philosophical poet/writer/actor/director, film maker, activist, and World Peace award honoree. As a spiritual man, Ata has chosen to follow the path of legends such as Rumi, Omar Khayyam, and Hafez. His own spirituality began at the age of four when he began to receive premonitions in his dreams. Ata relates the creative forces in his life as the spiritual reminder and choice based on those early childhood experiences.

Before the National Rebellion in his homeland began to rage on, Ata’s career as play writer a filmmaker, producer, actor, and writer was beginning taking off, with over 13 films in his resume. He began to write, direct, acted and produce productions throughout the world.

Before National Rebellion began, Ata left his homeland to come to the United States. After releasing his novel “In Search of Heaven” in 2006 worldwide, Ata suddenly was in spotlight again. And just when he was about to strike a deal for his novel “In Search of Heaven” with Major Hollywood studio, with academy award winner producer and Academy award winning director being attached to the project, with Ata star, write and produce the picture, Ata’s life took a drastic change, with member of his family to be in danger of being killed in Iran if he followed through with the film.

He funds to choice than walk away at the time. The decision to follow a spiritual calling was not an easy one for Ata. He ignored it for many years trying sustaining it through his creative and business efforts.

These efforts along with his business understanding lead to a lavish lifestyle common to many people in the film and Real Estate. Ata had financial success, but not happiness.

In early 2006 the Real Estate Market was into its collapse. Ata, who up until that time had been successful, experienced a personal and financial disaster. His business failed and his marriage ended. He went from living in a lavish house to becoming homeless. He began to live out of his car.

To someone else born to wealth and fame this drastic change of fate would have been the lowest point of their lives. To Ata it was and the beginning of the best moment in his entire life. In that moment he remembered the hopes and dreams of his childhood. It was this experience that led to him to make a choice, and commit to the spiritual path.

Within 45 days he was living with homeless friends and typed two Novels, “TAR” and “In Search of Love.” Ata began to write again, and to focus on the spiritual forces that surround all of us, within three months he wrote a book of spiritual poetry from the heart, “I Am a Lotus”. Which brought him spiritual philosophical poet of the year honors.

And followed with three-part compilation “Married to The Well,” {Asyeh, The Silent Beggar” and The Shirin} in Farsi and the English version will be release in July 2023.

After many wasted years Ata has found his peace and true path that he was meant to live on. He has rededicated his life to bringing spirituality and healing in the world, he funded, “The Lotus Light Children Charity”, which is an expression of love, hope and desire to help and enlighten children; by bring healing and enlightenment to them through art. “The Love International Film Festival”, founded by Ata provides an opportunity to support “The lotus light children charity” and positive art in cinema around the world.

This current state of affairs in Iran has thrust Ata Servati into the International media spotlight, along with founding The Lotus Light Children Charity and Love International Film Festival, Ata has once again entered into filmmaking with his production company Enlightenment Entertainment. His company Enlightenment Entertainment has several films in development, includes “Tar”, “In Search of Heaven”, “Dream On Empty”, CellFish 1 and CellFish 2. By Enlightenment Entertainment. 

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