TAR is the first truly serious and literate look at the cross-cultural drama told in personal terms. Tar is a love story/adventure/tragedy in the tradition of “Doctor Zhivago,” with the flavor of Gandhi. It’s based on the story of an American woman, ROXANNA, who’s manipulated and lied to by her boyfriend, a member of the anti-SHAH underground
movement, to travel to Iran to look for her lost father. While searching for her father, she gets caught in the turmoil of the 1979 Iranian revolution and without knowing she will become part of it.
Roxanna’s life was flipped upside down after unknowingly planting a bomb that took the lives of many including children. Struggling to survive as an entire country is looking for her, she challenges the government, and the anti-government movement all while continuing the search for her father.
 Amidst the rebellion and her search, Roxanna gets to know A MIDDLE AGE WOMAN CIA agent, DORIAN, who was the mistress of Ayatollah Beheshti. She used to work with him as a young woman when she first moved to Iran, working for the CIA/SAVAK. Roxanna learned Dorian led the plans to remove The Shah of Iran and replace him with Ayatollah Khomeini in the 1979 Iranian revolution all while the CIA and American government claimed they were in the side of the SHAH.
Roxanna also discovers a faction in the Republican Party paid Ayatollah’s people to initiate and keep the American hostages in Iran for years, all to help Reagan become president, which resulted in the Iran-Contra conviction. Meeting Roxanna caused Dorian to change into a kinder soul, recognizing similarities between Roxana and her own daughter. Dorian began to feel empathy and became conflicted over continuing her orders or helping Roxanna.
Roxanna risks her life to gain the love of her lost father, in the end her Father ends up being one of the main advisors to Khomeini, who later turns against Khamenei and goes into hiding. But is it Roxanna that leads the revolutionary guard to her father’s doorstep or someone else? Regardless of it all, Roxanna now knows more than she should and is now a liability that must be eliminated.
During her heartbreaking adventure, she gains the love of her life, CYRUS, a writer and film maker who gave up fame and wealth to save her life. To add to the bitter sweet quest their love is forbidden, and in the end, one must die to save the others life.