The animosities and bloodshed between the villages of Shourcheh and Tikken persisted, casting a dark shadow over the land. However, the narrative takes a dramatic twist as an elusive murderer and notorious thief emerges from the shadows after five decades, assuming a new identity and appearance. With calculated precision, he deceitfully presents himself as a revered clergyman and Imam, resorting to ruthless tactics, even murder, to further his sinister agenda and establish his own dominion known as Shirin. Gradually, he seizes control of the village and shamelessly lays claim to Abbas’ ancestral mansion. Nevertheless, the tides of fate suddenly shift, igniting a fervent struggle for justice and freedom.

As the story progresses, the situation grows increasingly complex and violent, exacerbated by a severe drought that engulfs both villages. The aqueducts, essential for their survival and agricultural livelihood, begin to run dry, leaving the inhabitants desperate and vulnerable. In their darkest hour, a glimmer of hope emerges from a forbidden area inhabited by enigmatic elves. The quest for power over the last remaining water resource reaches its climactic peak, pitting factions against each other in a battle that threatens to consume them all.

It is Zulfiqar, a blind man now in the twilight of his years, who summons the courage to embark on a treacherous journey to the forbidden hills above the village, where the elusive elves reside. For fifty years, the hill has been shrouded in mystique, believed to be a forbidden place that would invite brutal attacks from the elves, resulting in bloodshed and death. Will Zulfiqar defy the odds and survive this perilous expedition, ultimately unraveling the secrets that lie hidden within the forbidden realm?

As the story unfolds, an unexpected twist occurs with the sudden appearance of invisible spirits who intervene in the ongoing conflicts between the two villages. Their mystical interference perplexes the people and those in positions of authority, leaving them pondering the appropriate course of action. These unexplained supernatural occurrences add an intriguing layer of mystery and enchantment to the narrative, heightening the anticipation for the resolution of the story’s compelling conflicts.